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Simmonds Real Estate, Inc.

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We are a full service high energy real estate team focused on providing the finest service available to help you reach your real estate goals. If your active or retired military, we would love to serve you. As the Broker/Owner, I served over 36 years in the Air Force (15 enlisted/21 officer) and my office has combined military service experience of over 215 years. We certainly understand the pressure of moving and all it brings with it.

My office serves a full range of real estate activities including a 5 person professional property management section focusing on "reasonable cost" professional property management. We also list and sell both new builders homes and resale homes throughout the San Antonio metroplex. Our listing fees for full service are low and we provide disclosed commission rebates to many of our buyers similar to the USAA concept.

There is a saying in Texas " I was not born in Texas but got here as fast as I could". I am a little different, my last Air Force assignment to San Antonio and the Air Force Personnel Center (DPAA) was not my ideal dream location but after retiring and living here in this area for 12 years, San Antonio and the surrounding area is absolutely awesome. There is somewhere to go, something to see and something to do every day of the year from the wonderful festivals to Sea World, Fiesta Texas, dozens of golfing choices to simply tubing down the Guadalupe River - this area has it all.

Whether you are a first time home buyer looking for your dream home, a seasoned investor searching for an REO/foreclosure or in need of selling a home, we have the knowledge and experience to guide you through the process. We specialize in Bexar, Guadalupe, and Comal County real estate covering San Antonio, and the surrounding counties including the cities of Schertz, Cibolo, Garden Ridge, Converse, Universal City, and New Braunfels.

My office is on I-35 in Schertz less than 10 minutes from Randolph AFB and 15 minutes from Fort Sam/SAMC medical complex.

Interested in a Real Estate career - see my additional web page for information - I started part-time for two years and absolutely love this profession that offers practically everything you could ask for from income to time for your other interests, family and so forth.

It is our true hope that you will be so pleased with your experience, that you will turn to us for consultation on your future real estate needs and feel compelled to refer us to your friends, family and business associates.


Royce S. Simmonds, USAF Retired, High School GED,BS, MA, MS 36 Years Air Force Service 15 Enlisted/21 Officer (210) 269-8086 Direct Phone Texas Licensed Broker # 0454290

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Make It Derby Lane Every Saturday Night

Posted in Recent Posts | Comments Off on Make It Derby Lane Every Saturday Night

Maurice Stovall was a big target for many of Byron Leftwich's throws.

Some brief thoughts from Saturday morning’s practice:

* For much of the practice, thousands of Bucs fans grew frustrated. The Bucs mainly worked on special teams in the farsoutheastcorner of the complex. The vast majority of seats (and fans) are along the west sidelines.

Hoping for scrimmages, for which the Bucs generally use the field along the west stands, fans packed the west bleachers. The only thing keeping the fans remotely interested for over an hour was the appearances of the Bucs cheerleaders and free Popsicles for the kids, who came racing out of the stands for the treats.

When the Bucs finally did scrimmage, Joe overheard one fan, after a few running plays, say, “Come on, throw the ball.I didn’t come all the way up from Bradenton for this.”

Sometimes fans forget whypractices are actually held, but Joe could understand the fan’s concern.

When the Bucs did put the ball in the air,Byron Leftwich got the most work and it sure looks like the coaches are leaning toward him as the starter. Each practice Joe has watched it appears that Leftwich is inching away from the pack in the race to start at signal-caller.

This morning Leftwich threw a couple of beautiful passes. One was a fade to the left sideline that Maurice Stovall hauled in and did a nice job of getting his feet in bounds. The Bucs’ defenders yelled and disputed to the referees that Stovall had pushed off, but to no avail.

Later, Leftwich made a great decision thatwent for a bomb to Antonio Bryant near the left sideline. While at first blush it appeared to be an underthrown ball, Leftwich wisely threw the ball to Bryant so that he had to come back to the ball. But after second thought, Leftwich put the ball in wide open territory not only where there were no defenders, but also the ball was placed where Bryant easily could make a play.

Had Leftwich thrownto Bryant in stride, it likely would have been thrown into traffic as defenders were running with Bryant in good coverage.

It also helped that Leftwich had so much time to throw he could have drank a Caybrew . Leftwich stood in the pocket flat-footed waiting for Bryant to make his move and the passing lane to open up.

Hi Nancy, Nice to see you here on Sue's blog. Is this where you originally found me? I agree. Flipboard is an effective strategy as well as a unique strategy. I noticed this article I wrote actually ranks on Google's Page 1, or at least it did, the last time I checked which means not a lot of people are writing about it. Thanks for your comments and your compliments. Janice

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Hi Simone,

Thanks for the compliments on my article and your comments here.

I read what you wrote and that's exactly what I learned to do by reading Janette Speyer's posts on Flipboard traffic. She's an expert. If anything, you're going over and above what I learned. I'm sorry you're experiencing frustration.

That said, I have to ask you what you are writing about. In Janette's article, she said long posts and posts about money do well. I used to find the people on Flipboard loved my tech posts. Now, things have changed for me. Primarily, posts about money and my long posts do well. I don't know if an algorithm changed at Flipboard. Try writing a post over 2,000 words and make the content about money and see if things don't improve.



Thank you for the advice Janice! Will try it out!


Rachael says

Hi Janice,

Thank you for this great guide. I have always had Flipboard on my phone but wondered how I would get my website on the app. Thanks to you, I've just submitted by publisher application and website RSS. Waiting for their approval.

Thanks a lot for this guide. Rachael recently posted… Best Bread Machine Reviews


My pleasure, Simone. Let me know how it goes.




There is obviously a bundle to identify about this. I feel you made some nice points in features also.


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Comments (12)

  1. Mary Halverson Waldo says:

    Blessings on Bishop Lloyd Allen for his courage and persistence for equality.

  2. Roger Hamilton says:

    I heard that the person translating for the Honduran delegation left them when he found out that they would not accept the “gay agenda” … sadly, that sounds exactly like something a liberal would do!

    1. Matt Ouellette says:

      Right, because conservatives can’t be rude or condescending either.

    2. Deborah Matherne says:

      I sincerely doubt that the Honduran delegation had a problem with any “gay agenda”

    3. Rev. Dr. James Hargis says:

      I also heard (not through ENS, as they didn’t report it, maybe because it doesn’t fit their agenda and makes TEC look bad) that the official translator (who holds a high-ranking post at our church headquarters) abruptly walked away from his translating duties, when Bishop Lloyd began to espouse viewpoints at odds with the TEC agenda. If true, such behavior is scandalous, unacceptable, and hypocritical. How can Michel Curry preach about the Jesus Movement, welcoming all, and doing what Christ would do, while blocking access (as head of TEC and allowing this to happen) to the Good News?! OK, Curry can’t really block access to the Good News, as he doesn’t quite have that much power, and that’s “beyond his pay grade;” but he can block easy access to the “powers that be” in TEC’s hierarchy, and make it difficult to get things done, al la KJS. My prayers are that he (and we) won’t fall further into such a “death trap.” The fix for this aberrant behavior would have been very easy: get another translator. Surely this “official TEC translator isn’t the only qualified bilingual person available. My understanding is Bishop Lloyd is bilingual. At any rate, if this is true, it’s quite despicable, and a “black eye” on TEC, as a reconciling, Christian, loving church.

  3. William Kaufman says:

    If our charge is to bring the Good News to all people as the Bible says, the least we can do is do it in their native languages. (Although the first time it happened, Christ’s followers were accused of being drunk early in the morning.)

    1. Deborah Matherne says:

      Well said William +Lloyd is certainly bilingual; in fact English was his family’s language of choice growing up. But I’m pretty sure that most of his delegation has little or no command of our English. I know some of the members of previous delegations and I know they do not. And that is just one diocese. Province IX has 7: Colombia, Dominican Republic, Central Ecuador, Litoral Ecuador, Honduras, Puerto Rico and Venezuela. It is extremely difficult for those dear people to get to Convention at all. It is unconscionable that we can’t provide appropriate translations of ALL the business of the Convention for ALL delegates. We are all equal in this Church; English-speaking or not.

  4. T Vincent Jang says:

    I also want to call to attention that other languages are not available or haphazardly available. If we are to be evangelists to all we need to do better on translation both verbally and resources. For example, I just been made aware of the fact that Rite Stuff is not available for new features for translation other than Spanish. I feel that a step took place backwards in spreading this word. I keep bringing that up in an ethnic convocations to no avail. That is why I am no longer interested in working in a lingual ministry.

  5. Keith Gardner says:

    I’m saying this with love. First, you are all right, we as a Church should do as much as we cam to provide all material in the language of the delegation. But, the delegation had three years to prepare for this General convention, and should have provided for their needs, and not expected perfection were man is involved.

    It’s like ” they serve meals on the flight but maybe you should bring a snack, it’s a long flight”. That type of thinking. Secondly, as far as cost, TEC should provide funding for local interpreters just as a to fulfill its mission to all the people.

    It seems much better when both sides of a problem work together rather than shaking fingers and giving ultimatums if they don’t get what they want right then and there.

    As for the reason they lost their interpreter that really shouldn’t matter. If they had bought their interpreter with them that person would be dialed in to the delegations mission, and could when at home be available if any questions were to come up.

    Less complaining more working together.

    1. T Vincent Jang says:

      Of course and I agree with you. Now I need to not to be so nice. I feel that when I asked at other occasions, I felt like I was talking to a wall. So when that happens and no answer is given except for an acknowledgment, it left much to not working together but a one way dialogue and a lot of bureaucracy that needs to take place, some done and some not done. And then I will perceive that there is no interest in a follow up. Now I don’t even know who would take up the question and follow it through to completion. Even the UN does a better job and there is a lot of people who need translation services there. If we can just get some of the basic things done it would be good start. I will be glad to talk to someone about that to whom can be the action person in completing even the basic stuff and following it through. When you talk to people in another language, you need to be able to hand out materials in their language or suspicion may arise and then there will be no interest. Truest me, I’ve been through that even trying to make the first step in contacting those who aspire learning about the Episcopal Church and even Christianity as we convey even the thoughts on the Jesus Movement too. The print is still powerful, but it has to be around.

  6. Anthony Price says:

    I think Bishop Allen is right, that we should adopt Spanish as an official language of the Episcopal Church, even though there are other languages in use within our overseas churches, such as Mandarin Chinese in the Diocese of Taiwan (part of Province VIII) and French, German, Dutch and Italian in the Convocation of Episcopal Churches in Europe (part of Province II). But adopting Spanish at least would be of great benefit – not just to Province IX – but to the entire USA in terms of evangelism.

  7. Tobias Hamberger, Germany says:

    Episcopalians se sorprenderan, cuando se dan cuenta, que el español se habla en el cielo [Episcopalians will be surprised when they realize that only Spanish is spoken in heaven ]

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